Erotic Crotch Tortures

The traditional wooden horse torture originated in Japan during the Edo period, where it was used (I am told) as a punishment for christian missionaries. I have received some information on the origins by viewers of this site, for which I am very grateful. Please feel free to contribute your knowledge by email or at the group!

This page is dedicated to the ingenious modifications made to the original concept of the “wooden horse” by BDSM enthusiasts, which cause highly varying degrees of discomort or pain to the subject. These range from spiked bars with impaling dildos to body-contorting devices to fixed planks, tightly strung ropes and many more devices (e.g., a breast-based variant). The common theme of all these variants is that the pain is inflicted by the subject's own weight. In some cases she may be able to do something about it, while in others she just has to try to endure the punishment. Thus all of the above are primarily a challenge to a subject's physical and psychological endurance. This is perhaps true most of all of the electric pony, which really is a sort of “inverse pony”, as the whole point is is that the subject's body must not come in contact with the apparatus.

Realistically speaking, this site will probably not be updated in any major way in the forseeable future. Originally, there were plans to include links, a forum and other ressources. However, the structure of this site will probably remain unchanged. Instead, I have created a google group which any interested parties can subscribe to. It is unmoderated and can be freely joined, but is hopefully sufficiently obscure to escape spam. Thus the torch is passed to YOU, the community.

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